Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ice Storms and Flu Season

Finally have time to breathe after a very hectic week. The Sydney conference went, well, okay to put it mildly. Senang sekali ketemu Mba Titut dan Gita. Baby and I just recovered from the flu (which was quite a scare). And now, after editing my ARC paper, I have time to do 'nothing' while overlooking Malik and Arya both literally snoring.

Fremantle is not quite the itself during winter. The grey skies and windy rain reminds me much of Amsterdam.

I miss Amsterdam (at least there you expect bad weather).

Malik has been so well-behaved. He slept 3 hours of the 4 hour flight, he eats well (whatever I cook for the three of us, cut into tiny pieces, not separate meal!), he entertains himself quite well when I'm working and he really enjoys strolls to the grocery store (displayed by happy kicking and eventually napping).

I must say though, above all, I am very grateful of the man I call my partner. Returning from Sydney with the flu, Malik had a fever. During the 2 days I was out and Malik sick, Arya honestly did everything. House chores (mopping, scrubbing dishes, preparing meals) and Malik (feeding, nappy changing, bathing). And what I admire most: no whining. It would be almost natural to blame me, the person who asked Malik and him come here in the first place, who left them for a conference, who returned sick to an also sick son.

But no. Being the consequential person that he is, he didn't even realise he was being very generous until I came up with it (I wonder if I should have just kept silent). Memang dia benar-benar ikhlas kalau mengerjakan apapun.

Mba Titut: Pasti Arya ngga ngeluh deh ngerjain semuanya waktu kamu sakit.

Jadi malu, ya. Wonder if I could have done the same for him without whining. Knowing me, I guess not. But at least, having gone through this, I know it's worth the try :)