Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Ultimate Game

Wednesday, 14 June 2006
03.27 PM
Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam

During yesterday's game, Korea vs. Togo, after Korea's goal the camera went to a close up of a sad Togo boy. I started thinking of the concept of winning and losing - because in a game, it is either way for both parties.

The same thing happened on today's game. Spain scored the first goal and the Ukrainians who were cheering for their team just a moment ago went a bit silent. But the game goes on. The players play, the crowd cheers and the referee blows his whistle.

If only everyone could be as sportive in real life.

Losing is a must. Winning is a must. You will celebrate your winnings in life and you will raise back up after a lose. In the process, you will see other people's failures and your heart will go out to them - because all of us have been in that position.

I suppose it should always be like that. Just as in games, you should just keep on trying. Because when considering the millions of people watching and finding themselves so engrossed in the World Cup (believe me, I am no football fan and I am in between assignments and I still follow the games), isn't that worth playing for? When you can see how the game brings people together, isn't that worth playing for? When you know during the game, perhaps in life, the winners will celebrate and the losers will stand up again better and sharper, isn't that worth playing for?

Cheer when you may and cry if you must. At the end, we all aim to be stronger. Anyway we can.

Dedicated to the underdogs
Because at some point in life,
all of us have lost
and of course,

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mijn dicht, mijn vraagtjes

The people who were constantly around you before, are no longer there.
Some get married, some have children, some stay the way they were.
Or they just simply vanish.

You wake up and realise everything is the same.
Or different. Or neither.
You sleep and dream of things that were or will be.

You cannot help but wonder, how things will be tomorrow or yesterday.
If yesterday was something you would wish for.

It is difficult to say, it is difficult to listen.
Were they yours? Were they yours?
Should you be theirs? Should you be theirs?

You grow older hoping you grow wiser.
You grow wiser realising you know nothing.
It never goes both ways.

What is logic, what is strength.
What is what and who are they.

What does it mean?
You know when it comes.
You stop wondering and start doing.

How to ask without being confused.
How to find out without having to ask.

Things change.
Your body grows up or grows down.
Your hearing sensitises or desensitises.
But your mind remains the same.
Either learning or forgiving.

Though the signs are everywhere;
the changing body of a pregnant mother,
the changing colour of the wise's hair,
the humble smile of the giver's heart.

Things that change to keep everything in place.
Feelings that change to keep everyone in love.

Words are written down but meaning is a thought away.
The words are theirs but the meaning is ours.

Preserve your mind, it is the only thing that truly exists.

Inaya Rakhmani
7th June 2006
Metaphores, Schmetaphores
I'm tired of saying it like it is
Ambiguity has its way

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cold Shower

Sunday, 4th June 2006
Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam

Arya left for Germany yesterday while I decided to stay to work on my presentation. It was a short stay anyway and it wasn't like he was going on vacation or anything.

I am startled at how much I miss him. Not the lovey dovey kind of missing your partner but the kind that makes you realise that he is indefinitely your partner. The person you talk to, the person you laugh with. It's not so much not being able to function without his presence (which is just too silly to even think about), it feels a bit like when you're in a strange party where you're 'alone with everybody'. You feel a bit naked. Like you forgot something at home. I don't know. I just think the separation is good to give a cold shower for the 'don't take things for granted' game.

Ok, back to work.