Thursday, December 23, 2010

End of the Year Reflection

Approaching their last semester, I frequently hear students questioning themselves 'What they are going to do for a living', 'Who they are going to be', and 'What they will do'. As much as I think strategising and planning for the future is very important, I can't help but wonder about what makes me content.

It is not in ensuring financial security or getting a permanent position.
It is not in professional achievements or peer acknowledgement.
It is for the passion in what I do, that I do what I do with heart.
It is for believing that what I do is somehow important.
And work becomes one of the ways I expand my own identity.
Just like my being a mother. Just like my being a partner.
Just like my being a daughter and sister.
A bestfriend and a citizen.

I know it sounds like I come from a la-la land where everyone sings Kumbaya. But I reflect how I had jumped from one job to another, to find my place in this world and a profession instead of an occupation.

I am more than glad I listened to that calling from within. That sometimes, by figuring out 'Who we are', 'What we do for a living' becomes an easy answer.