Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teachers Called Students

Someone sent me a moving message. Well, kind stranger, you made me write today. I feel like I know you already.

I have been getting several kind wishes lately, students saying thanks for being there to answer their questions. But I honestly feel that things are the other way around.

The only reason I teach them is because they manage my level of inspiration. Their questions, their challenges, make me want to read.

They make me want to learn.

Really, if I wanted money or societal praise, I wouldn't become a lecturer. We're a bunch of nerds appreciated by fellow nerds we call peers. To top it all off, we dress in ugly robes and silly hats a couple of times a year. But there's just something about teaching bright students that make me feel at home.

So guys, this is my thanks to you. For always challenging me and correcting my mistakes. For having the guts to raise your hands in class and talk back. For symbolising hope that the next generation will be better, more intelligent, more apt and conscious.

A wise man once told me: One repays a teacher badly if one remains nothing but a pupil.

It is my hope that you know now more than I do. Because that means that I don't suck that bad as a teacher :).

With love.

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the sous chef said...

and you are one fine teacher inaya. :)