Sunday, June 21, 2015

Keluarga Komersial (OK. Video)

Last Monday (15/6), I got the chance to exchange views with the crowd at OK Video, which was really enriching (not to mention a breath of much-needed fresh air outside of campus). I sat in a couple of panels, although I didn't manage to get more time off from the office. But all in all it was really fun, and I thought of sharing. 

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While I was reading up for the panel, I got a good chance to reflect on changing continuities from the authoritarian period (1965-1998) to today. Overlaps and contradictions came to mind, and it gave a moment to think about democratisation from a different light. It is very important to me, as a scholar and mother, to contemplate about how the memories of the previous generation mean for those, like my son, born after Reformasi. What kinds of authorities must he, and my students and I and we, stand up to and speak up against today. Lets not forget that in many times and instances, within ourselves.

Below is presentation slide (IND). Many thanks to RuangRupa and IndoProgress for bringing in at least one female speaker :P. 

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