Friday, September 13, 2019

Teaching in a Digitally Converged World

I am writing this post together and in solitude with my students from the Foundations to Writing Class. The class is part of the International Undergraduate Class in Communications. They are first year students and the session was aimed to practice writing.

Fig. 1. Foundations to Writing Class 13 September 2019.
Source: Author.

They work in groups each week; choosing topics in relation to social media. This week, it was really nice seeing them discuss the topic they want to write about, and after, each student needs to develop their own short section as part of the group's blog post. You can see their work here, here, here, here, and here. When they have begun writing seriously, I decided I too would practice what I teach.

This is a blog post to share about lecturing in a digitally converged world. In this post, we connect with each others' work through hyperlinks. We are writing together, alone. We share a physical room, and are connected in the digital space.

Fig. 2. Extending and multiplying message spaces.
Source: Author.

It feels nice and quiet. This is how learning should feel like. It goes beyond time and space.