Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raindrops and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Courtesy of Diana Sabidi. I don't like chain mails but I liked the idea.

1. I am a nerd.
2. Unlike what people think of me, I have no ambition. I do, however, have realistic plans.
3. I am married to my bestfriend.
4. I prefer living in big cities but I stay indoors most of the time.
5. I still breastfeed my 6.5 month old son.
6. I enjoy my privacy and I don't like people interfering with my private life.
7. I am a PhD candidate, lecturer, wife and mom. Not in that order of priority.
8. If I had to choose, I would leave everything I have for my family.
9. I am learning to juggle love and life, while maintaining my stress level.
10. I love reading, browsing random sites, writing, traveling and going to museums (I told you I am a nerd).
11. I have been to all continents except Africa.
12. I traveled Western Europe with my husband by bus, train, plane and car.
13. I believe in God.
14. I think democracy is overrated.
15. I believe that violence is never a solution.
16. I am a meat eater and diligently eat my vegetables out of guilt.
17. I love winters.
18. I love biking in Amsterdam.
19. I like learning new languages only to forget them after 1 year.
20. I am an active TV viewer. I download them and never watch the commercials (eat that AC Nielsen ratings).
21. I believe in open dialogue with people who would listen before they speak.
22. I like vanilla cupcakes, Dr. Pepper, Shirley Temple and Teh Kotak.
23. There are under 10 people in this world who truly know who I am.
24. I collect books and am currently developing my own library.
25. I love children because they represent everything that is right in this world.


the sous chef said...

and how would children represent all that is right in this world?

oh yeah i also like black copper kettels and warm wollen mittens.

Inaya Rakhmani said...

A sincere will to learn
Race, religion, gender, ideology mean nothing to them
To name a few

I also think that one of the best investments in life is friendships :)

I fait accompli you! said...

I like "democracy is overrated". I do :D