Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Years of Living (Not So) Vicariously

I was browsing through my 2005-2007 digital photo album and I found myself involuntarily smiling to myself. As life gets more saturated with routines, errands and responsibilities - those years always, always bring a smile to my face. The days of adventure and building a strong friendship with the life partner I call my husband, traveling and studying and learning new languages and culture and adjustments... The list goes on.

I feel so blessed to have experienced so much. And with my bestfriend. Growing up far away from home. Seeing places and people I would otherwise only have the courage to read about in books and see on the discovery channel.

And to write this short blogpost as I watch my son sleep is priceless.

Life is about the choices we make and what is yet to come. I am glad of the choices I had made and hope it would make me wiser to decide better of those to come.

With love to Arya.


rinaldi said...

aku juga lagi seneng2nya scan foto2 jadul dan diaplot ke fesbuk mbak hehehe, ternyata semua orang berubah cepat dalam waktu yang relatif singkat

so inspiring! :)

Esotericavra said...

Mba Inaya....! Mupeng aku liatnya...hehehe Nonton konser, nonton bola, piknik, bareng life partner lagi... komplit banget tuh.. ;)

Inaya Rakhmani said...

Aaa Afra... Aku juga mupeng pingin lagi haha. But life as we have it is always the best point in our lives :)