Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moments in a Decade

First year of university. Learned about independence and responsibility. Learned how to drive (haha).

I met Arya and became good friends. Learned about difference in social class, ethnicity, religion after years going to schools with relatively homogenous students.

The year when I realised I loved what I was studying. Became a straight A student from a borderline failing one. Became head of the student body.

Got my first job. Loved it. Became almost workaholic. Officially cut off by parents. Began realising and talking about eventually ending up together with Arya.

Lectured for the first time with shaking hands. Went to Western Europe for the first time and promised myself to live there one day. Graduated. Decided to go to Netherlands for school. Talked about possibilities with Arya.

Got accepted at UvA. Got a scholarship. Got married. Left for Amsterdam. Arya got accepted at UvA. Learned about life planning and cooperation. Learned about selflessness from Arya. Learned about sharing and giving. Learned how to cook. Adjustment with a capital A. Phew.

Built friendships. Arya got accepted at HES. Traveled Western Europe with Arya. Loved it. Saw places, learned about history and culture, ate different food and slept in the funniest places (including buses). Biked in the snow in Amsterdam. Saw the Mezquite. Saw Klimt's paintings. Stood on the shoulders of giants. Realised that I learned more things outside of the classroom.

Finished my thesis happily, defense and graduation. Happily is an understatement. Decided that I am ready to become a mother. A bittersweet goodbye. To loved ones and Amstedam. To Koningstraat and Waterlooplein and Albertheijn and Oriental and Turfdragsterpad and Klovenisburgwal and De Dam and my Pathe abonnement and all the familiarity. Returned to Jakarta.

Returned to full time managerial work only to realise that I wanted to teach, research and consult. Pregnancy and birth. Malik. Learned about conflicting identities and shifting priorities. Decided that a PhD was a good choice during early motherhood. Wrote my first syllabus. Got accepted at Murdoch. Got another scholarship. Another phew.

Left for Perth. Adjustment. Malik's first plane ride. First year of traveling back and forth between Jakarta-Perth. More conflicting identities and shifting priorities. Malik and I learned to be more independent. Arya was literally our guiding light. Shines on what to focus on. Got a fixed position at the university. Arya began working at Batam, traveling back and forth. Grateful is an understatement.

And now we come full circle.

Momentum is made for us to take a step back, breathe and see the bigger picture. Moments are what defines us.

I love you Arya and Malik. With faith.

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