Friday, June 25, 2010

Who's to Say

Recently, a public figure told me that he thinks I have the potential to become a leader but I lack the self-confidence to take the role. He advised me to learn to believe in myself more and take charge. I don't fully agree with him, but I do think his opinion is valid in one way.

I do think I lack self-confidence, more in lack of self-assurance. But I embrace it as part of who I am, I don't see it as a weakness, I see it as character. That trait makes me think twice before I act, makes me listen before I speak. It pushes me to become observant.

And to follow that argument, I have no passion in becoming a 'leader', in a traditional sense of the word - one that involves persuasion and rethorics. I think we lead ourselves. We are accountable for our own actions and words. We are independent in deciding our thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.

We are all leaders. Through our own roles and in our own way. Some louder than others, but more often than not, none the wiser.

As long as it's done with heart.

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