Friday, July 09, 2010

Dumb Luck


Last time I was traveling, I was so tired I missed my flight. I ended up buying a new ticket.

Now, arriving on time, dumb luck brought me to being checked in to first class. And now my first experience of flying executive.

Udik is an understatement.

But I can't help but sense the irony between both events. And that somewhere, someone up there is snickering softly at the light jokes.

Homeward bound!

*Browsing from the lounge eeeeeeee (I warned you, udik)*



After I was being seated, while the other passengers entered the plane, I found myself very uncomfortable because some were staring. Then people with children passed me, some of them asked their parents, "Dad are these the good seats?" Having had the experience of bringing a child with me to fly and sit for hours in cramped spaces made me feel really guilty.

And yet, like a hypocrite, I didn't offer to switch seats because I was too comfortable.

If the world were up to me I would make all seats business class (and while I'm at it, terminate the term 'class' altogether).

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