Sunday, July 25, 2010

Independence is a State of Mind

Yesterday a former student of mine said an interesting thing;

Indonesia sudah merdeka, tapi belum mandiri. 'Independence' should not (only) refer to freedom but to an independent mindset.

A sound, concise review of our current condition: unfocused and frantic.

But alas, I am still hopeful. In Komarudin Hidayat's words: '-merindukan Indonesia sejahtera dan bermartabat.'


Tikno said...

Incidentally when googling I landed here. Hm ... this post is slightly flicked our independence day.
But ... I could not refuse. It reminded me of what I wrote at last year's Independence Day at:

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Inaya Rakhmani said...

Halo Mas Tikno,

I enjoyed your blog post, then browsed through your writing. Added you to my blogroll!