Thursday, September 16, 2010

God is in the Detail

When I say and do things, I almost never think of how it should influence people or how it would leave an impression. I say and do things because I mean it. And most of the time, I (try to) mean well.

It's in how I lecture, in what I read, what I think, say and how I say it, in my choice of past time, and eventually, overflows in what I write.

The 'sporadic' and 'nonstrategic'-ness of what I do is why the fact that people, who are otherwise strangers to me, randomly say hello over the internet astound me. Say to me, openly, that they share my views. And that these arbitrary thoughts of mine touched someone in some way.

It renders me speechless.

I feel humbled. For want of a better word.

You make me feel like life is not a solitary journey.

Thank you.


Bad Dream Catcher said...
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nia said...

Well.. Guess one of those someones is me..

Thanks to you too, mbak inaya..

kartini said...

you wrote awesome stuffs. it seems you contemplate every day and manage to transfer that into a very well-written blog post.