Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Larger Scheme of Things

Today in class I was reminded why I chose to become a lecturer. The course was 'Seminar' - so the students are in their last year and they were formed in groups to present issues in the communication field in Indonesia. From network television to child exploitation in the media.

I cannot exactly point which part of the discussion 'touched' me, but I was really amazed at their enthusiasm, intellectual capacity, social concern and their ability to formulate their opinion (and regard others'!).

I am understating when I say - I am really blessed to be part of the larger scheme of education. I realise that I am merely a small particle in the whole process, but I do feel extremely 'lucky' that I have a profession through which I am reminded that at the end, knowledge is to be transferred. Not possessed.

Never possessed.

And afterwards nothing in this world that is material seems worthy.


rinaldi said...

wah sekarang ngajar seminar ya mbak? coba dari dulu, hehehe

Soraya said...

wow..great reflection, in! Touching..:)