Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Left, Right, Somewhere in Between

In social science, it's common to label a person left or right (or the undecided in between, you can never win) through the theories, authors and paradigms they cite on. A little too easy.

I know this is naive and I am fully aware of that fact while typing these words.

I am neither here nor there. I will use any paradigm, theory and/or cite on any author as long as its purpose is to end injustice (towards the 'marginalised' and 'poor') in society and to say what is true as true. If there could be a sustainable business model that provides education and health care, both in the broadest sense of the word, to the 'poor', I would be first in line to support it.

I don't even think serving the (political economical) interest of the priviledged could taint the purpose as long as this target is achieved.

Honestly, for me it's as simple as that. A big dream from such a little person, yes. Now if only I can find two very large and strong hands to set the dreams in motion.

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