Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Politics vs Spiritualism

I've been following the tweets of several (Islamic) religious leaders in Indonesia, from different schools of thoughts, and I've come to several presumptions based on my observation.

There are religous leaders followed for their political prowess. Having a huge mass following is one of the characteristics. They could be liberal or conservative but almost always monolithic and clearly oppositional to the other stance. More often than not, they attack the other party's argumentative weaknesses (I assume to win more following).

And there are religious leaders who are similar to spiritual leaders. Who simply remind other people to do good. They are not angry. They do not oppose. They speak of the moral ambiguity and often return ideas back to those with questions. That religion, spritualism, is a journey - not a label.

It's kind of obvious which type of religious leader I follow with my heart (not for observation's sake). Isn't it?

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