Friday, March 12, 2010

Very. Long. Day.

Arrived at 2AM, things are more efficient now that I know my way around the house. Frances and Charlie didn't even hear me settling in the front room. Slept at 3.30AM, woke up at 8AM, then off to campus with Nicole, breakfast and session on 10.30AM.

And now I have to do massive editing on my first chapter. But alas, comments were very, very constructive and I can really see how much I will learn in this project.

'I knew since the moment I read your proposal that this will be an interesting research. Your work so far has only proven that,' said Garry Rodan (my 3rd supervisor. Yes, I have 3 supervisors).

Sounds nice, eh. Wait until you see how much I need to re-write haha.

It's nicer now that I have learned how to just enjoy the process. I am enjoying the fact that I learn a lot of things throughout the project and I don't think too much about the end result (like grades or criticism, etc). I think at the end the goal is to learn as many things that I can, especially that I'm on a free ride (snicker). And I think that goal is accomplished every day.

So that's how I see my PhD project. A learning process. If I produce something useful then that's a bonus. But this project, see, it's my 'school'.


Random things on my mind:

- Malik's ok. Phew.
- I have a name card haha. So I finally have a formal business card to give away at the conference in Canberra.
- Rachmah Ida's book arrived safely. 'Imagining Women in Indonesian Ramadan Soap Operas'.
- I bought stuff for the whole family. Ibu-ibu banget deh, I can't help it. I particularly like Arya's and Malik's T shirt.
- The ice cream in front of Guido's on the cappucinno strip is unbelievable.
- The seagulls and crows apparently see me as a giant bread. They hover around me constantly, at Murdoch, at Fremantle.
- I drove Nicole's car in the city. Just accross where the water is and it's very nice (ngga macet). Just as I passed the House of Parliament I really missed Malik, Arya and Zaki. We spent a day there last year (it's been a year already?). Balik lagi yuk, semuanya.
- I got an angry call from the library for returning books without its barcode (ternyata sama Cano dicopot pas fotokopi trus ngga dipasang lagi). So I need to be extra careful the second time around. Untungnya: 'I don't know if you have small children in your house, but you're not supposed to take off the barcode stickers.' 'Oh, I actually do have small children in the house. I'm very sorry.' But the small children are innocent (maaf ya, Kaka, Malik dan Omar, jadi kambing hitam).

So to wrap things up it was a good day with its ups and downs. I miss everyone but I can't really complain about the things I get to do here.

Talk to you tomorrow.


rinaldi said...

Ah so true, the point is in the process and how to enjoy it, btw i always feel like being haunted by the result and at the end getting myself forgetting the essence of the process itself.

mungkin pengaruh sistem pendidikan kita yang lebih mentingin hasil jadinya kebawa *ngeles* hehe

Inaya Rakhmani said...

When in doubt, blame the system haha. Cheers.