Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And Yet Another Tragedy for the Poor

Working on today's UNICEF Daily Report, I stumbled upon an article in Kompas, whose lead said:

Jakarta, Kompas - Sindikat penjahat internasional diduga menculik anak dan anak balita Indonesia untuk kepentingan perdagangan organ tubuh. Seorang bocah Indonesia diketahui saat ini berada di Tokyo, Jepang, dengan keadaan kehilangan satu ginjal dan memiliki luka bedah di pinggang.

I couldn't help thinking and not understanding the logic behind the fact that such acts are only possible should the parties feel their lives and health are worth more than the lives and health of those they took from (masa sih mereka ngga nanya, darimana ginjal mereka diperoleh? My assumption is they choose to turn a blind eye, albeit to save a loved one, at the same time taking a loved one from someone else).

Market-based economy believes that without demand, there will never be supply.

Honestly, who is responsible to protect the poor? If they are the most marginalised in terms of obtaining their basic human rights, due to a system failing them, whose responsibility is it?

When considering this fact, with the amount of problems the country (and the world) is facing, people should be campaigning against their election instead of wanting to be elected for an administrative position. On their shoulders lie a huge burden. I just hope they are reminded every second that this is what they signed up for.

And I will continue to responsibly and consciously pay my taxes in the hope that aside from blabbering insignificantly on my personal blog, I am also doing my part in the process.

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